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2016 B Corp KPI update

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As 2016 begins to come to a close, we are upon another review and assessment of our work to become a better B Corp. Every two years in November, we review all of our finances, clients, collaborators, and resources to see if we are working to improve our processes to make our studio a better B Corp.

To quote B Labs, “B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” We work hard to be a good business, and to collaborate with great local, beneficial, sustainable, and socially responsible clients and vendors. Besides the recertification process, we track our progress via KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)—these are the easiest way to communicate our commitment to the general public our progress without getting caught up in the hard numbers used to calculate our KPIs.


22% of our studio’s revenue is from not-for-profits.

61% of our clients are purpose driven enterprises.

This means that the businesses that we work with do great work to make the world a better place. These are businesses that go the extra mile to give back and do more. Purpose driven enterprises aren’t not-for-profits, or necessarily B Corps (yet), but they are working their way towards a better business model, supporting under-represented populations, or promoting the arts or education for a smarter, more creative world.

This means that 83% of our revenue as a studio is derived from working with not-for-profits or purpose driven enterprises. This goes to show that trying to do good, and collaborating with good businesses and organizations is a truly viable, and vibrant business model. This is something we are incredibly proud and excited by.

83% of our clients are local to Philadelphia.

This means that the majority of our revenue is generated from clients are within 100 miles of our studio, and that our work goes to support the local economy.

100% of our employees are local to Philadelphia, and live within the city limits.



Only one of our clients is a B Corp. We are really bummed about that. It seems that as a business, it is easier for us to source B Corp Certified products, than to find local B Corps to collaborate with. We are working on it, and so are they, in 2016 hundreds of new companies have become B Corps.

Only 3% of our clients consider themselves to be sustainable. We need to work on this, and maybe the world does too. Yet again, it seems to be easier to source sustainable resources and suppliers, but more difficult to collaborate with them as clients. Mental note for 2017!

Thanks for listening to our update we will keep you posted with the results of our upcoming B Corp recertification.

*All KPIs are based on Pixel Parlor data from 2013-2016.


ISO Web Designer

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Pixel Parlor is in search of a web designer to help with a variety of thoughtful, compelling websites, interactive media, and online advertising for a wide range of creatively engaging clients. The ideal candidate should possess the desire to make an impact in an highly creative environment, the capability to communicate effectively with clients and collaborators, the insight to create organized materials, and deliver a high-quality product to the client and end-user.  

• Bachelor’s degree in interactive design or graphic design
• A highly developed portfolio
• A strong sense of typography
• An illustrative approach to design and color
• Excellent writing skills
• Must be comfortable presenting and receiving critique
• 3-5 years experience
• Experience in all aspects of Adobe Creative Cloud
• Experienced in WordPress
• Understanding of WP best practices, and general web best practices
• Front-end (HTML/CSS) development experience
• Comfortable with video and audio integration
• Bonus: experience with JS, PHP

• Collaborating on design and development for web and interactive
• Design of responsive websites, and other digital projects
• Determining technical requirements
• Website updates
• Some writing and editing of content
• Creating back-up files
• Troubleshooting code issues

Please send all serious inquiries with resume and online portfolio to:

Pizza Parlor!

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We get a kick out of all the mispronunciations of the Pixel Parlor name. To celebrate the laughs we get out of them, we’ve created an illustrated series to help bring them to life. We will be releasing each of the illustrations in this series periodically, we hope you get a few laughs.

We love pizza too—good thing we live in Fishtown. If you are in the neighborhood, check out the delicious pies at some of our favorite places:

Pizza Brain
WM Mulherin’s Sons
Pizzeria Beddia


Growth By Design

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Pixel Parlor had the honor of being featured in a video profile for Paymo—our preferred tool for project management. Directed and produced by Drury Bynum and Jamie Campbell of Shine Creative the profile features Pixel Parlor partners Jenn and Andrew Nicholas, the design studio, and the noteworthy street art in Fishtown, Philadelphia.