Can we meet before we decide to possibly work together?

Absolutely. Just let us know what you’re thinking, and we can certainly discuss over coffee/tea, or on the phone, etc.


How long have you been in business?

We’ve been officially registered as a business (Pixel Parlor, LLC) since early 2012, but Andrew (one of the partners) has been designing under the Pixel Parlor name since 2004. The partners at Pixel Parlor (Andrew and Jenn) each have over a decade of experience in the graphic design field.


What is needed to start a project?

We require a signed agreement, a 50% deposit, and any initial content you may have already.


Where are you located?

We’re in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. More specifically, we’re in the 2424 Studios building at 2424 E York Street. We frequently work with companies and individuals throughout North America. For more information, check out our Contact Page.


Do you take on rush projects?

Certainly. We generally have enough bandwidth to make most rushes work, and in the rare case where we sense the timing may be impossible, we’ll let you know up front. Occasionally, rush projects will require additional charges, but this is on as case by case basis.


How long does a project take?

The amount of time needed can vary pretty drastically depending on the project type (a small icon set, an identity system, a large website overhaul, etc). When it comes to websites, the factors are primarily the scale & complexity of content as well as the inclusion of any required functionality (ie: e-commerce, twitter feeds, etc). Most straight-forward sites can go live in 3-4 weeks, though often times a timeline of 8 weeks or so allows for sufficient client review time and revisions. We certainly can expedite parts of the process if/when appropriate.


Will you keep me updated while a project is in process?

Absolutely. We use time tracking software to project manage which allows us to be able to provide budget updates throughout a project, as well as keep you up to date with regards to scope. We are all for open communication with clients, and we don’t disappear for weeks at a time without checking in along the way. We send many emails, and also are available for phone conversations.


What is my role/responsibility as a client working with Pixel Parlor?

The client knows their products and goals best, which requires that they take an active role in the design process to ensure a successful outcome. We aren’t suggesting that the client should become a designer—but in order to make steady progress—the client needs to provide timely feedback when reviewing drafts, should take the lead in proofreading (or appoint/provide a proofreader), and provide professionally written and edited content from an internal source or professional writer.

We will set the stage at the onset of the project by inquiring about goals, audience, budget, and time constraints and plan accordingly. Pixel Parlor will provide an environment that maintains an open dialogue throughout the process, and enough flexibility to make your life easier.


How do you accept payment?

We almost always receive checks, sometimes bank transfers or wires. Let us know if you’d like additional options, and we can possibly work something out.


I’m starting a business but don’t have copy or images yet – what do I do?

No problem – there are a variety of solutions to help flesh out a new brand’s content and story. We can help you develop your concept and connect you with professional writers and photographers, or create custom illustration to generate the content needed to get your project off of the ground.


Will I be able to edit my new website myself, or do I have to reach out to Pixel Parlor each time?

We think of completed websites as living applications, rather than static projects, and nearly always build sites on a content management system (CMS), giving you a dashboard to edit site content and sections. Additionally, we prefer open-source environments (such as WordPress and Drupal) to allow you to have a robust platform without incurring any additional subscription costs (aside from web hosting), nor will you be locked into utilizing designers and developers that specialize in a proprietary system.


What kind of design do you do?

We primarily focus on identity, brand, print and interactive/web design. This includes business cards, brochures, post cards, books, advertisements, temporary tattoos, posters, icons, logos, websites, apps, user experience, user interface, online advertising, and social media advertising. Pretty much anything you can think of.

If it’s not listed here or on our full list on, feel free to reach out, you’d be surprised at what we can do.


Do you have any great professional printers and fabricators?

We have a great list of folks that we work with at every budget and need that you can think of. We tend to custom fit the printer/fabricator to the job, and can also provide competitive bidding and bid leveling if necessary.


What does it mean to be a B Corp?

Being a B Corp means that we do our best to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, and our B Corp Certification makes sure that we stand by our word.

We always design with sustainability in mind, pay our employees fair wages, provide them with health benefits, and give back to the community. We work with all types of companies, but love to work with not for profits, sustainable companies, locally focused enterprises, and other B Corps who make our city, and the world a better place.


Can I intern/work/freelance at Pixel Parlor?

Thank you for your interest!

If we have a position available, we’ll post it to our blog, Twitter (@pixel_parlor) and Facebook. Feel free to send us a link to your work if you see that we’ve posted a job.