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Six Ages Logo Design

Several of the Pixel Parlor staff count themselves as gamers and were especially excited to work with local veteran game developer and designer, David Dunham of A Sharp recently. David has been developing games and game assets since ’99. His most popular game? King of...

Geneva Global – Information Design

Project Overview Cranksgiving Philadelphia is a bicycle ride/race that occurs each year near Thanksgiving, in which all participants must ride to each grocery store on a provided checklist (or “manifest”), and purchase particular food items, carrying everything with...

Geneva Global – The Integrated Fund

Project Overview The Integrated Fund is a unique philanthropic investment approach that recognizes the significant social impact that can be made by identifying and focusing on a concentrated geographic location, sourcing complementary community sectors, and providing...

Geneva Global – Doing Good Great

Project Overview Doing Good Great by Doug Balfour is a memoir and guide to performance philanthropy focused on helping donors make lasting, significant differences in the lives of those in need. We were lucky enough to design this engaging book, it’s companion website...

Geneva Global – Ebola Crisis Fund

Project Overview Geneva Global, a philanthropic matchmaking incubator, specializes in “performance philanthropy,” or generating impressive, quantifiable results through investments from individuals and companies to assist with dire problems in third world countries....

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