Juice Boxes, Gritty, and the Creative Process

by | Jul 2, 2019 | News

Human connection is important, on any level. Connecting with people in our local community in addition to our extended network is important to us, here at Pixel Parlor, which is why we were so excited to host a class field trip of Kindergarten Readiness students from My Bright Beginnings, here in Fishtown.

We wanted to share a little bit of the design world with this group of four- and five-year olds, and what better way to do that than demonstrating fundamentals like layout, illustration, typography, hierarchy, etc. Don’t worry, this was not a college lecture—in order to introduce these concepts, we made coloring sheets!

The coloring sheets helped reference different elements of design without getting too detailed or complicated, and was a fun way to start a conversation with the students about their thoughts, as well (the consensus was everyone loves dinosaurs and Gritty). After introductions and some coloring time, we even had a critique with some of the braver of the group who wanted to stand up and talk about why they picked their coloring sheet design and their color choices.

In the end, it might be the coloring and the snacks that wowed our new friends, but it was also a great first look into the creative process at a young age—and allowed our team to share our excitement for our ability to use creativity every day.

So, just for fun, here are the coloring sheets our team illustrated, based on each of our personal interests, side gigs, and childhood interests—and there might even be a sneak peak of an upcoming project in there…