A Message About Recent Events

by | Jun 2, 2020 | News

We find ourselves in a time of unspeakable pain, confusion, sadness, fear, and frustration. Our nation and world are strained to the point of fracture. In the midst of the trauma of a global pandemic which has forced the world indoors, the horrific, intentional murder of yet another Black American, George Floyd, by a white police officer, has pushed us into the streets.

Over the past eight years, our studio has had the privilege of working with a range of non-profits dedicated to battling injustices and assisting socio-economic needs. And yet, we don’t feel any closer to having a solution for bigotry and systemic hatred.

Pixel Parlor is an ally to the cause. We will continue to try to harness our emotions to facilitate change. And we pledge to use our passion and talents towards creating a brighter and more equitable future for all, regardless of race, or gender.

Committed to a better world.
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