Reflecting on Earth Day

by | Apr 22, 2022 | News

A good planet is hard to find

We don’t know of another one in the known universe quite like ours. Do you ever stop to think about how awesome our home really is? We are floating in vast infinite space on a terrestrial paradise with breathable air, drinkable water, life-sustaining temperatures, and countless natural wonders. Maybe today you can take a break. Look away from the screen for a moment and take it all in. Because we know these amazing benefits of calling Earth home are at risk for all of us.

You will undoubtedly receive many calls to action in your inbox or lists of accomplishments from brands. Most, if not all, of these are worth pursuing and celebrating.

So why would we ask you to take a break and reflect? Isn’t that counterintuitive when we all have more than enough work ahead of us to improve our environmental stewardship and no time to waste?

As a Certified B-Corp we look for ways to improve our environmental impact in everything we do, from the materials we use to how we run our business. We know that permanent habit changes come from taking a break, reflecting on our impact, and thoughtfully making intentional changes. It’s easy to want to do sustainability in fits and starts. And it’s common for this approach, like New Year’s Resolutions, to result in temporary changes that fall by the wayside.

So take a break. Think about what it looks like to celebrate Earth Day every day. And go outside. Your computer will be there when you get back. Take a breath of fresh air. Wish it was fresher? Stay on that thought for a moment. Let your beautiful imagination take over. And then let’s get to work doing the inspired, collective, and often and necessarily uncomfortable work of protecting our home because there’s not another one like it. And it’s a wondrous place to call home.

We know so many inspiring stories of businesses, organizations, neighborhoods, and people taking responsibility to improve their environmental impact. We see you. Let’s keep working. Happy Earth Day, friends.

We want to send you this durable and adorable recycled cotton canvas tote bag to say Happy Earth Day. Our team handprinted each one at Second State Press—our way to say we appreciate you.

Click the button below to claim your bag. Soon you’ll be rolling through the market with a friendly yet serious reminder that A Good Planet is Hard to Find.