Our methods to achieve our clients’ goals

A process of close collaboration with the organizations and businesses we work with is essential to successful projects.

Print, Branding, Environments

While each print, branding, and environmental graphics project has unique challenges, we’ve had considerable experience applying modified versions of this methodology to design and produce compelling solutions. By addressing each step along the way, we aim to ensure all stakeholder requirements and original goals are met, so that the end product is something everyone is excited about.

Below is our typical print, branding, & environmental process:


Discovery & Information Gathering

Before we dive right into a project, it is important to do our homework to discover and understand our client’s vision. Our extensive research helps us to identify goals, target audiences, and competitive landscape to ensure we have the assets needed to establish a timeline and put our plan into motion.



As a part of the planning phase, we review the existing brand to leverage assets and incorporate design standards. We explore ideas through thumbnail sketches, diagrams, and/or bookmaps, and organize our initial thoughts on materials and associated vendors/printers.



Our team works closely with our clients throughout the design phase to make sure the goals determined in the discovery phase align with their vision. We present our work in strategic intervals throughout the process to make all necessary edits and refinements before expanding to the full scope of pages and elements.

Production & Coordination

Once a design is approved, we’re ready for production. Our team dedicates their time to finalizing the files to ensure they are print-ready. We work closely with our clients to coordinate and select printers and fabricators. After a printer or fabricator has been chosen, we deliver all support items, specs, and instructions. We will respond to any production concerns and will provide on-site supervision if necessary.


Delivery / Installation

The final step in the process entails a successful delivery and/or installation of all elements in the project scope. For large print projects we provide on-site supervision to ensure all printing and finishing is completed to spec. We supervise the installation of each EGD project make certain the final fabricated elements meet specifications, quality standards, and are properly installed. We manage this process through to completion.

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