Our methods to achieve our clients’ goals

A process of close collaboration with the organizations and businesses we work with is essential to successful projects.

Interactive & Web

The best successes come from everyone being on the same page. Key stakeholder involvement, holistic and high-level consideration, transparent and open discussion, and a common vision help drive successful projects.

Below is our typical interactive & web process:


Discovery & Information Gathering

Before we dive right into a project, it is important to do our homework to discover and understand our client’s vision. Our extensive research helps us to identify goals, target audiences, and competitive landscape to ensure we have the assets needed to establish a timeline and put our plan into motion.


Planning & Site Structure

Developing the foundation for a website is arguably the most crucial step in the process. We work directly with our clients to ensure the structure and hierarchy of information aligns perfectly with their overall website and business goals. Setting the site structure, content, and technical specifications early on allows us to make confident and informed decisions when the time comes to add visuals.



Illustration, photography, and writing are the essential elements that turn the basic framework of a design project into an exciting, visually engaging design solution. We believe content should drive design rather than design driving the content, so we plan for and shape content early in the process.


Visual Design

Once the structure of the website is in place, we get to work to give it some life. In this phase, our design team works closely with our clients to establish font choices, color palettes, treatment of imagery, illustration styles, and other key elements. These elements work together to create the look and feel that will be carried throughout all page templates of the website. We present our work in strategic intervals throughout the process to make all necessary edits and refinements before expanding to the full scope of pages and elements. In the end, we’re left with a clean and aesthetically pleasing design that is both accessible and mobile-friendly.

Development / Build

After the design is finalized across all page templates, the focus shifts to functionality. Our development team is equipped to handle the implementation of both the front-end and back-end to get the website up and running. We take pride that our work within content management systems (often WordPress or Squarespace) ensures the website is easy for our clients to update and edit without coding knowledge.


Content Population

We begin to populate the website with the final content for each page. In addition, we plug all final artwork, imagery, and illustrations into their respective place on the site.


Testing, Q&A and Refinements

We put our websites through rigorous testing and look closely to make sure all refinements and edits are made. Browser testing, speed tests, and optimization all take place in this phase to ensure that each website we deliver is a well-oiled machine.


SEO & Launch

Throughout our process we design and code with SEO best practices in mind. Following launch, our final step is to connect the site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, then submit the XML sitemap to search engines, which results in reindexing of all new and modified URLs.


Site Manual and Training

When we are ready to hand over the keys to a website, we make sure our clients are fully equipped to manage the website on their own. We provide a user manual with instructions for editing the website, and sit down with them to go over any questions they may have.


Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Even though we provide the tools necessary for our clients to edit and maintain their website independently, we are always here when they need us. We are ready to add new content, functionality, incorporate additional assets, troubleshoot an issue, and provide updates to make sure the CMS and plugins keep each website up and running smoothly.

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