We love variety. Most of our work falls within these categories.

Interactive & Web

Website Design / Web Design

Our process begins with research and competitive analysis, then moves to establishing a site map and initial wireframes. Finally, it culminates in visual comps. From there, we can develop the site, or help connect you with a resource or consultant for development of advanced functionality.

Digital Strategy

We advise on best practices when it comes to positioning your company in today’s marketplace. This strategy focuses on a strong online presence and fresh digital initiatives to maximize growth.

Interactive Art Direction

We’re happy to work with your company or organization’s in-house design team or marketing team to provide feedback, guidance, and direction, when it comes to design for the web and other interactive environments (ie: mobile applications).

Online Ads & Social Media

We have years of experience in helping companies and organizations promote their products, films, services, and events across many high-profile sites and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr). We create static, animated, and rich media advertisements & shareable social cards.

User Experience

Information architecture, wireframing, and web & mobile interfaces are all essential to a solid, consistent, and successful user experience for efficiently interacting with your company’s current and future customers.

Web Development

While our primary focus is design and strategy, we also provide web development (typically via HTML, CSS, and jQuery). We also have a handful of great partner developers that we engage when it comes to heavier lifting.


Marketing & Promotional Materials

Some say print is dead, but we think print is evolving. There is value in the tangible experience that paper and physical objects can provide over intangible digital marketing. This takes the form of brochures, posters, temporary tattoos, pens, print advertisements, annual reports, stickers, banners and more.

Environmental Graphic Design

Signage, wayfinding, exhbits, tradeshows, retail & office space design, and large-scale billboards fall into the realm known as environmental graphic design. The physical space and user experience are key concerns for successfully branded environments.


For Marketing & Branding

Original illustration can add life and fun to boring or dry material. Generally, illustration allows for more freedom in communication, through greater control of cultural connotations than with photography.


We love icon systems – whether small, pixel-perfect objects on websites, or larger-scale systems that live in physical spaces. Icon sets can strengthen projects through providing a practical, accessible, and universal alternative to photographic-based solutions.



Whether you are forming a start-up or you’re established in your field, it’s important to convey confidence through your company’s visual identity. Taking the time to shape a strong logo/mark for your company or organization can continue to pay off for many years to come.

Brand Strategy

Consistency is crucial for reigning in messaging and influence on customers. We can redefine your brand through assessing your mission statement, business model, identity, and marketing initiatives.


Visioning is the collaborative brainstorming process to collectively determine the driving forces behind a brand. It allows all stakeholders to state priorities and gathers collective buy-in across teams.