Release of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

Final Six Ages Logo

We’re happy to share some good news from one of our clients: David Dunham of A Sharp.

He’s just released information on his upcoming indie game title—Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind which will be available to play later this month on iOS.

A few of us in the studio were granted beta access. Playing through the game, we have been incredibly impressed with the vibrant illustrations, lore and the many paths with which your actions can take the story—encouraging users to play through again and again to uncover more story elements.

We collaborated with David last year to create the logo for the game—read about that process here.

Read the full press release for Six Ages below:


FOR RELEASE Friday 8 June 2018 08:00 PDT

Tacoma, WA, 8 June 2018

After almost 19 years, the unique indie game King of Dragon Pass has a spiritual successor. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind comes to the iOS App Store on 28 June, with preorders starting 21 June. It will sell for US$ 9.99.

Producer David Dunham said, “I was really happy to be able to get so many of the original team back together. Our goal was to capture the magic of King of Dragon Pass, and make something that wasn’t just a simple sequel. So we jumped back in time about two thousand years.”

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind takes the elements that made KoDP unique (the mythic setting where you can visit the gods, multiple-choice decisions with consequences, advisors with personality, a generation-spanning story, story elements that recombine for replayability) and remixes them.

Play is both simpler and richer (for example, you’ll get to make more decisions in combat), and the UI was designed with attention to mobile devices (the menu puts more information at your fingertips, and all artwork is high resolution).

Six Ages will run on iOS 9 or later. We’re currently developing the game for other platforms, and expect to release them next year.

Our launch trailer is at <>. Learn more at <>, and contact us ( if you want a promo code or for more information.

A Sharp is an independent game developer founded in 1999, best known for King of Dragon Pass.